17 Dec

Killer Coyote and Mohawk Girl Predict End of World…NEW NOIZEE VIDEO RELEASED!!!

Since the dawn of time prophets have predicted the end of the world. At the End of the World, Noizee has taken it upon herself to get the Judgement Day Gospel to all you unwashed listeners/industry/media. This is music for these final days on Planet Earth.

Noizee is a tattooed multi-instrumentalist with a severe mohawk. After the first 10 years of this millennium playing with AntiProduct & the original line-up of Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg, she moved to California, where she lives in Los Angeles with her Coyote/ German Shepherd mix watchdog in a giant chimney painted passion purple.

Since meeting Fowley in Hollywood in 2009, Noizee has been a regular studio session musician for him, as well as appearing in his latest Underground Movie Future Cult Classic “Black Room Doom” (released in 2013). The Armageddon Masterpiece “End of the World” is Produced by Kim Fowley and Co-Written/Co-Published by Kim Fowley & Mike Wolf. It was recorded at Studio 5109 in Hollywood, California.

“End Of The World” is released through Cargo Records and is available on all the usual online stores (I-Tunes Worldwide, Amazon etc.)

Released on 21st December 2012…allegedly the End of the World!

Noizee has another product out on Cargo, her debut album called “LOUD!!!”

Noizee is a One Chick Ear Assault. This Noizee machine consists of one girl, one guitar & her computer providing sounds & drums, This magical feat has to be seen & heard to be believed.

If Noizee was the last man on earth, she could wake the dead & shake the ghosts out of the burning trees. Of course there are hidden meanings in the lyrics & the music, that will take you to Satan’s Beach house in the depths of hell where all the dreamers go…when their nightmares do not come true.

Happy Holidaze dear listener. This music belongs to you. Thank you for listening.


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