15 Sep

NOiZEE is in London!!!

Dates to be announced soon…. Stay Tuned…

  1. dandy demon
    April 27th, 2012 at 19:16 | #1

    ……… tomorrow…. tomorrow.. its only too..mmorrow! all the best for the london gig debut appearance as noizee.
    i just got online to listen to batshit crazy.. how mad since i was just reading about batshit in david attenboughs ‘life on earth’ book. he was climbing up it.. quote “They(the bats) have lived here for so long that in one chamber their droppings form a huge pyramidal dune that speads across the cave floor and rises 30 metres to the roof. in order to see the bats we once trudged our way up it. its surface was covered by a moving, glistening carpet of cockroaches feeding on the gauno and a heavy stench of ammonia rose from it. (re: the several million bats that live in The Gomanton Caves in Bornea.. if u must know). Bats evolved 50 million years ago!

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